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Bodmin General(ish)10






Now I am happy that the turnout off the main road and slip are what I require I have printed off  their plans and stick them on to a building board, next up will be cutting and fitting the timbers, hopefully Christmas will provide the time to build it

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Just to remind an aged modeller where to stop, I am about to use 2 bolt chairs, but can I be bothered to use 2 bolt slide chairs. On other new builds I use Exactoscale chairs I have nearly 2,000 C&L chairs, once I start building the track in the centre section a yard of plain track will eat up 200 chairs, but then once the track is built its done


Still not totally decided on what type/style of  tiebars or whether to use a different system. I must really get a move on deciding and thoughts on the third and fourth base boards will be looming soon

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I don't know if the photos below are helpful - they were taken at Par station about 35 years ago.  I've used them as reference for GWR trackwork - 2 bolt chairs - but to me, the chairs are not that prominent a feature, in fact, if you look closely at the bottom left of photo Par-01, you'll see that there's a welded connection between 2 bolt chaired rail on timber sleepers and flat bottomed rail on timber sleepers with steel clips - I admit to only having noticed that when I got these photos out again after a 25 year break from modelling. Just to enrich the scene, the middle road in the photo is FB rail clipped to concrete sleepers.  I have a good many 4 bolt chairs dating back to a time when you couldn't get 2 bolt - I'll use them up in the projected goods area at Swan Hill when, eventually, I get that far!




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Thank you very much for sharing the photos and the suggestion. most would not care too much about what track is used, in fact both platform roads will be using Exactoscale fast track bases which are 3 bolt. I want my layout to represent a dual time period, both pre-nationalisation and heritage. I think after all I have said about track standards I should make an effort certainly in the more visible areas, after all I have quite a lot of Exactoscale 60' track panels and I do enjoy building track


Your photos do remind me that I do need to sort out point rodding as I go along

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