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I've been playing with lots of MERG stuff 




The plan is to have full DCC control of the servo driven turnouts, but with push buttons on the side of the layout too, that's what the middle "PMP27" board does.  A fellow MERG member has ordered a load of proper PCBs for this circuit so that should help neaten it up a bit. Eventually I might produce my own single PCB which will neaten things up significantly as there is a lot of duplication on each PCB producing 5V supplies for the chips for a start ...


The LEDs are very temporary helping me make sure that the PMP27 is working fine, but they can also be added to the edge of the board alongside the switches to indicate point position too


As part of getting the PMP27 working I have invested in a PIC programmer, so I can now keep all my MERG projects up to date by rewriting the PICs when firmware updates are released.

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One problem solved thanks to the good folk in MERG: The accessory decoder by default expected an OFF event from the handset before it would react to another ON event. This caused problems if you used the external buttons to move the turnout. Long story but I now have a version 5.2NCR of the firmware :D




I made a new label for it, I think the white on black looks better too. 


Expect a custom pcb in the new year..... 

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Can't believe I didn't update this. After it all started to work I got bored last Christmas while sitting for my Mum (long story) so came up with this





All three circuits in one. Here's it in action on the layout. Love the pushbuttons with built in LEDs 🙂




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