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Intercity Models O&K JUA/JHA

The Fatadder



I have just started building a pair of Intercity Models JUA box wagons to form part of my Mendip stone fleet. The initial intention is to build a pair, and add to the rake over time to get a set of 6 which will be mixed up with my PTAs and hopefully some Mendip Rail JNAs.


Having only just started I have already began to make changes to the kit. First of all I found the top rail a real pain to bend to shape, the thick brass coupled with my Hold & fold being about an inch too short made the 4 very close folds just too much of a fiddle. End result I hacked the part off planning to bend it to profile off model and then solder back on. annoyingly my initial attempts ended up making too much of a mess of the first sides top rib so need to find an alternative. For the rest I will carefully cut off stright away rather than messing about trying to do it properly!


My intended fix for this is to solder on the rest of the side rib formers, then solder a strip of brass along the top. this will then have a 2nd brass strip soldered to it to complete the rib.


This kit was first started a long time back when I didnt have a clue what I was doing, thankfully all I attempted was the floor (which was wrecked) and will now hopefully be replaced with a new one built from plasticard. the rather handy drawing in the instructions will be a real help with this!



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