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Stour Valley Dream - now with added chimneys

Fen End Pit


So I managed to put the chimneys onto the station building and don't they make a difference! I had made myself more work by cutting the holes in the roof based on the plans I had of Lavenham station from Jas Millham. It turns out that Lavenham had considerably more ornate brick work than Clare and the bases of the chimneys were quite a bit large. I don't know if this was the local builder interpreting the plans he was given differently (trying save money on his contract?) or if they might have been rebuild later after some kind of fault as I have no earlier pictures that give any detail. Anyway I managed to fill the holes in and add additional slates to hide the crimes.




Today I cut and added the two skylights, one which I believe lit the stairwell of the station master's house, the other was over the sheltered waiting area. I still have the doors to do and a load of work on rainwater goods


This all gave me a good excuse to re-do the reenactment photograph I attempted back in October only this time using the right DMU and the right Station building.


Disusedstation.org shows...




Fen End Pit shows




I also need to do a lot of work is the garden. Trying to work out from a distant aerial photograph how to arrange and plant up the garden is an interesting project. Lots of fruit trees and a whole range of busch vegetables to plant. This is turning into a bit of a minefield because you hit issues such as soil type and the fact that I bought some tomato plants only to be told that in 1957 you would have to have planted tomatoes under glass!




So lots of fun to be had..



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Nice work. I do like the ridge tiles and chimney copes, they have come out very well. 

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