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Building Jane Street Bridge and Wagon Arrival

Leith Centrl


So I spent the weekend putting together the second KS Laser Design Bridge Kit and getting the bridge fully joined together and ready for paint.


KS Laser Designs Oxford Street Bridge Verdict:

Great simple kit that comes well packed and with some well done fine detail on the spans and the underside is a work of art structurally. Goes together really easily in a common sense way with a good little guide included in the kit. I used Javis Rapid set Wood glue to stick it together. Well worth the £33 especially when something of similar size prebuilt would set you back closer to £70


For the Detailing i used my usual stone cladding from Slaters, Wills Edging Stones and Plastrut 3mm strip section to add some extra relief and help the brickwork blend with the rest of the layout. Simply glued inplace as with the retaining walls.


I also had a new wagon arrive in the form of the Dapol ECC Silver Bullet in Weathered form. Nice model with only slight niggles being the large coupling hook that to me looks too big and a slight tweak required to the Weathering on top of the tank to make the white areas match up from the body on the top walkway. Overall a great model though, the data panels are worth getting the magnifying glass out for, its a fine piece of printed detail and the weathered effect on the tank body is spot on. 




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