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Day 23: Scraping the barrel



Erm... you may have noticed this post is a little later than usual... That's because I have done hardly any modelling today! Doing long hours at work is making me lose my motivation a bit, at a time when I really should be doing more modelling to distract myself and lower my stress levels (my work messaging app is are still beeping every few minutes - or would be if I hadn't just muted it). Oh well. 


Anyway, I've put some writing on this PCB. Does that count as progress? I've tidied up the tracking a bit to make them less obvious and able to carry more current, and found sources for most of the components I want. The controller has also gained a name...


Still to do on this: round off the corners/tidy up the measurements to nice round numbers (this will make enclosure and front panel design easier). Finalise component choice and order the bits. Then order the boards!





Depth of material removed from the bottom of the barrel whilst writing this post: >3mm

Cumulative pie-eating counter: 1 (how I've managed to go this long without one, I don't know - steak and kidney, since you ask)

Cumulative pushup counter: 2575 (in a weak attempt to make up for the above)

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PCB Wizard! Yes that was the other software with Control Studio! I had my year 8 students making all sorts of alarms for their easter eggs, bikes, diary, etc. I find it hard to believe that I have been retired 4 years now due to Tinnitus, having stopped lecturing after 13 years in the Merchant Navy College at Fleetwood then and that it was whilst teaching in secondary schools design & technology two years before that, when I had to stop from the initial bout of Tinnitus, that I was using that software etc having been I on its initial trials about 8 years before that with Manchester University teacher training people. Golly, 27  years ago! Well, it is still very nice to see people putting into use some of the things they may have learnt in schools, that bit of being a teacher never leaves you. Do you do this just as a hobby? 

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39 minutes ago, ianmaccormac said:

Do you do this just as a hobby? 


It started as that, but has leached over into my job too. I have a degree in mechanical engineering, got a job in mechatronics and now do mostly electronics!

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