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Arnold SBB Rbe4/4 (Rbe540) gearbox troubles




I bought this model 2nd hand off eBay some years ago, but I've never run it much, and I haven't got round to installing a decoder, because it developed A Problem not long after I got it. 


Basically, when it runs, it clicks and when it goes round bends it screeches. The click seems to be located in one of the bogies and the coupling at that end jogs up and down in time with the click. I suspected a broken gear wheel somewhere and filed it under "probably very difficult". Fast forward to earlier this week and I was admiring the same model on another swiss N layout here so I decided to look into the problem. If you watch the first video with the sound up you'll get the idea. 



So I removed the offending bogie and managed to strip it right down. Odd, there's no sign of any damage to the gears at all. 




But on reassembling and running the bogie by hand, it was now binding quite severely, and when I try to run the model it's not good at all, as the next brief video clip shows. The worms are not turning and the motor gets hot and smelly very quickly, so it's not just that the worms aren't engaged. Something is locked.



Not sure, what to try next. It's just possible that the problem is with the wheelsets and I didn't notice at the time (the click appeared to be once per revolution of the wheels) so I'll check those again when I get time. But if anyone has any thoughts, suggestions or actual experience with this problem, I'd love to hear from you.


Stay safe



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I’ve had a lot of problems with cracked idler gears with Arnold model. Are you sure the’s not any hairline cracks running between the axle hole and the ‘v’ in the teeth. I’ve had this problem with the E/e 3/3, the little industrial diesel hydraulic and a small o-6-o steam loco.

Speaking to a trader at Intermodelbau a couple of years ago he said there was a problem with the plastic that was being used and sold me some ‘new’ ones. Only issue was the price. Can’t remember what I payed but was ridiculous (€5 each?) and I needed two for each loco. I got a couple to try.

Fast forward to last year at TINGS at Lemington Spa. I purchased a second hand E/e3/3 from nscalech  who told me he could get said gear wheels much cheaper.

So IF it is a cracked idler gear wheel he may be the place to go to.

Anyway good look in sorting the problem out.

Regards ROBERT.

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Thanks Robert, that's great info, I'll have to take a closer look at those gears again.

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I’m happy to report the model is now fixed and restored to working order. I was talking with John Brightwell at NScaleCH about something else and asked him whether he might have some spare gears for this model. He no longer has any but he put me on to James Dewar in Ireland who was able to supply and fit brass gears. At the same time he replaced the drive shafts with silicon tubes, seated the motor in silicon to reduce noise and, at my request, installed a decoder. Great work and it’s good to have the model running properly at last. 

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