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...glacial progress at Swan Hill




I might do several posts in the next couple of days to summarise what I've been doing - I've been busy but there doesn't seem to be much to show for it! Nevertheless, I've tried to take some pictures along the way - this post is about buffers.


There are five end stops required at Swan Hill so it's worth making up a tool for bending rail and a jig for assembly. First up is the tool for bending rail on its wider axis so that it doesn't distort at the bend, followed by a (scruffy looking) jig for assembling the buffer stops and some views of the stops installed on the layout - some painting still required. The stops are based on the GWR double headed rail type illustrated in Tavender's 'Railway Equipment Drawings' but adapted for use up against a platform edge.  They aren't a promine nt feature on the layout but the end of the line looks a bit forlorn without them.


Edit - pictures all in the wrong order - but self explanatory I hope!









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Coal Tank - I have rather avoided showing too much about the rolling stock on Swan Hill as I've focussed on layout building for the last couple of years (presently making signals) and I'm only too aware that much needs to be done to both bring the existing stock up to scratch and build new, particularly in the coach department.  The only photo I have to hand is as included below - it's a more or less out-of-the-box Slater's kit in 1927 livery and like much else, not quite complete: most obviously, I've left off the step end handrails as the roof is not yet fixed.  I'll try and take a couple of more descriptive pictures when the temperature in the workshop rises above the present 4 degrees!  


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