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Day 82: Bagnall/Peckett chassis repainting



I hate having to repaint an RTR chassis, with all the risk of damaging it or gumming up the works etc. But still, it has to be done for the Bagnall to fit in with the rest of the locos, so here goes painting the frames, conrods and the under-boiler block (I picked one with the right colour wheels and cylinders to start with!). It's not actually too bad with the way Hornby have designed the Peckett B2 chassis donor, it's just a few screws, and no trailing wires to get in the way anywhere. Still pretty fiddly getting the conrods off though!



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At some point I have to do that for Indian Red frames on my backdated Oxford Rail Dean Goods...


I'm looking forward to seeing it all running sweetly again on Day 83!

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