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Day return to West Mersea




RMWeb was playing up before so I couldn't write anything here...


Got down to WMHQ yesterday to see Peter and Colin and to escape the cabin fever of being at home all week, and got a couple of pics of all 3 of my 'black' engines.


The J39 and J68 are both shedded at West Mersea as test engines, but both need to return to the Chapel End Engine works at some point to be serviced and have their finishing touches, along with a LOT of weathering.







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An impressive fleet - just my sort of locos!


The K2 in particular is magnificent. Any thoughts on livery? I always thought the BR lined late logo really suited the survivors of this class.


Regards Terry

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Well, the K2 is going to be in 1946 livery as it will be a runner on the fitted fish trains to Liverpool St on the West Mersea layout, so I think that it would most probably be the post-war austere unlined black, or should that be brown because of the heavy weathering... :lol:



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