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Painting some buildings...

Paul Robertson


Having completed the ship painting and decals I concentrated my efforts on the first set of buildings I had constructed. The station would need several coats of white paint to cover the balsa and in between that I painted the portakabin and security kiosks. 



(first layers of white going on with the other buildings getting their first coats) 



(the portakabin and kiosks painted up) 


Five coats of white paint later and I was ready to paint the roof of the station. I mixed up some grey to give the feel of old felt flat roofing. The initial coat was a bit dark as I wanted it to look like it had been bleached in the sun for a few years and taken plenty of salty sea air. So out with the white paint and a much lighter ore splodgey mix 



(first coats of grey applied to the roof with the white masked off)


Once I was happy with the asphalt colour I then painted the observation terrace a much lighter grey which will eventually represent paving slabs for bench seating. Whilst that was drying I used the fine line ink pens recently purchased to mark on the roofing felt lines to the upper roof



(upper roof with roofing felt lined marked on and some white sun bleached markings) 


Next will be marking up the lower roofing felt lines and paving slabs then I'm planning on 'distressing' all the white paint with a watery Indian ink solution to weather it up heavily. After that I will be cutting out lots of windows and lining out fenestration. Another fiddly task but then again isn't everything in n gauge?!! 


Thanks for reading

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