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LMS Stanier Reverse Brake Van



I have a more detailed thread of this over at the modifying RTR forum but thought I would share a brief account of what I am up to. 


I resurrected an old Dapol LMS van earlier this year and had one which was a bit rougher left over. So, I thought I would have a go at a more in-depth conversion. 


I intend to create a reverse stanier van by making a few changes. 


I have cut out the panels on the verandas and intend to fix them in reverse on the opposing sides. 


The brief start has I think begun to capture the required look. Here the right hand end has been modified and the left remains original. Some more drastic cutting and scratch building will be required to make a complete upgrade. 


This is what I am aiming towards...


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As it happens I am just in middle of constructing a Chivers kit of the same vehicle, this is the progress so far.



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