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Paul Robertson


Some times modelling can feel like a very slow process with very little to show for large amounts of time spent fiddling around. Then one day suddenly everything seems to come together to start looking as one might have hoped. 


The past few days have been a slow process of trying to get the road surface looking right and introducing road markings. Lots of wrong turns smudges and lessons learnt. Today has seen a bit more progress in the right direction. 


First job of the day was marking on the movement joints on the concrete bridge. There is a centre joint that goes through everything and then intermediate movement joints for the concrete walls



(movement joints drawn on with a pen) 


This now needs to be weathered some more to tone it all down. 


Following this I decided to try out my next laser cut purchase which were handrails on the Linkspan and lifting gear machinery structure walkway



(scale model scenery laser cut handrails) 


These easily came out of the main sprue and were stuck down either side of the Linkspan and around the walkway



(masked up and ready for painting) 


Once glued down a small amount of steel blue was mixed up and the handrails painted. 



(handrails all painted up) 


I also distressed the station stucco with the 70 year old stucco showing the ravages of the salty sea air. Might have over done it a tad so will try and tone this down



(lots of rust coming through the stucco) 


One failure was an attempt to create road transfer markings with the water transfer paper in my inkjet printer. I managed to make the sheet well enough in Microsoft publisher and set the 'white' decals to print in a very light grey and the other decals in yellow. They printed out OK but when I came to cut them out and lay them on the model their wasn't enough ink on the transfer to show up. Any ideas gratefully received or else I will have to buy some self adhesive details instead. 



(looked good on paper but the reality wasn't what I hoped.)


Starting to come together now with the chevrons on the Linkspan and the handrails. 



Might try and concentrate on the station a bit more over the coming days and printing off some signage 


Thanks for reading

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