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59004 - Chassis ready for paint

The Fatadder



Having sourced a pack of Evergreen 5/16th" tube at the Warwick show yesterday, I've now got the air tanks fitted to 59004.


This was a case of fitting the small tank end to the 2 lengths of tube, then filing to shape before gluing on the other end. 2 lengths of 40thou by 80thou strip were glued to the top to act as a base to glue to the main chassis.


All that remains now chassis wise (other than painting) is to add the missing bits from the no2 end bogie.



The body still needs a lot of work, those side grills have got to go! but thats going to have to wait... I fitted new etched plates on the DEMU stand at Warwick, bit of a cock up really as I have brought and fitted the original name (Yeoman Challenger) rather than Paul A Hammond (although I think the former is a much better name!) Will need to get yet another set of plates next time I see Brian (that will be the third set of plates purchased for this loco, given it was originally renamed to 005 from its original 002.

I've now got thinking that I may actually stick with the Yeoman Challenger plates on one side of the loco, having found some photos showing it in the west country in my late 80s modelling period


Tomorrow (Actually that would be today now!), out with the paints!


One other area I am looking at is the exhaust silencer, which looks rather under scale. Unfortunately knowing that the roof profile is a bit iffy, its hard to tell if the errors with the silencer are as a result of the errors on the roof (and that a correct silencer might look more wrong than an incorrect one.)



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What about sorting out the bogie frame on the left Rich? Where the Lima moulding has a cut out - which with the original chassis corresponded with a small moulding on the frame (I think to help hide the motor?


Worth filling as Martin did on his one - otherwise it looks great. Definitely spurring me on to get mine done one day :)

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Something will happen with that eventually, however there is currently something of a problem in that the bogie the dodgy frames are fitted to has a crack along it, and I am rather suspect of doing major work to it that would apply more force to that crack.


What I would ideally like to do is use the bogies from the next loco to hack up the good end to make one good bogie for the no2 end, then cast the frames and re use them on all my projects.


The other thought being to wait until Bachmann's announcements in March just in case a 59 appears (which really wouldnt surprise me) If Bachmann were to do a 59, then the bogies would be a lot better than Lima's effort, and chances are be on of the main details which will tell the two models (mine and the Bachmann) apart. As such if that happened I'd make a casting of the Bachmann bogie and use that to fit to the lima/Bach hybrid.


Will be collecting the body/chassis for 59104 and 002 on Sunday, so once I've got the bogies from those to hand I will have a play and see what I come up with.

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