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Parkside SR 25T Brake Van Kit Build - 2



And on to actually making it. The first thing I did, as I intend to paint the inside faces of the verandah as the instructions suggest, was to prepare the ends, side and chassis bits. Nothing overly exciting, just cut away some flashing and file mould marks flat. Where they will be visible I've removed the circular marks from the injection process (at least that what I hope they are!) , I've put 'as is' next to tarted up. This is probably a bit OTT since with the verandah doors shut you'd have a job to see them, but it makes me feel warm and cuddly. I also checked the ends and sides fit together snugly, but left the sprue on for something to hold while painting. The chassis was cleaned up to glued together. The floor has a slight gap - I'm going to wait and see as regards filling, I've no idea if it will be visible later on.  So far so good, now to reach for the early BR grey...







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