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Railfreight Depot

Ray Von


In order to utilise as much 

space as possible, I decided a while ago that I'd like a "Railfreight" depot in low relief at the back of the layout.


I used some leftover parts from a Peco "Modern Engine Shed" kit, plus some corrugated plasticard for shutters.  I cut square doors into the panels, these were spaced so as to match up correctly with the wagon doors when they were bought into the station.  


The whole thing has been sprayed with grey primer, I've not bothered with any weathering, distressing or detailing (other than a yellow beam over each of the doors, to suggest mechanical opening / reinforcement, these were simply hinge strips cut from the large vertical doors included in the Peco kit.)

I will be adding a "Railfreight" sign in the future too.

When the wagons arrive at the station the doors are obscured from view, so one can imagine the shutters being opened without actually seeing it.


I'm pleased with this latest addition, mainly due to it's simplicity yet effectiveness.




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