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The Fatadder



This is part copied from another topic I started earlier asking for help finding photos:



Just came across this passage of test in the Pullman safety case

At present (1999) the train is normally formed with a Mk 1 support car at one end, and a pre Mk 1 all steel Pullman at the other, with up to 10 Pullmans in between (depending on operational requirements)


Clearly this shows that for my 1998 formation, just having the green Mk 1 RKB 1566 is all that is required (and one of the steel sided Pullmans (i.e. the 1928 met cams or the ex 5Bell coaches).


Another interesting point picked up from the report was that in 1998 'Gwen' was under heavy refurbishment (shown as a bare frame) so I think I will just end up doing Vera and Audrey to that design (thinking about it that explains why Gwen wasn't listed on the drawing)


Moving on to the later period, the same report states

In order to ensure both ends of the train are equally protected, this formation will be altered to include a Mk 1 or Mk 2 support coach at both ends. In order to improve the impact resistance of the barrier vehicles, these will be modified to reduce the compressional strength.

For this they list 99538 (Baggage Car 9), 99545 (Baggage Car 11) and 6313 (Generator car). 2 of which being in use on the formation, with a third kept in reserve.

Again this makes things nice and easy for me, 99538 is a direct match with the Bachmann model I have (+ I have a copy of the drawings for the inertia as well) whereas 99545 appears to be a different type. So 99538 it is then (along with the aforementioned 6313


Going back to the models,

6313 will be produced from a Bachmann Mk 1 BG, with the roller door formed from a section of Pikestuff door and a scratch built underframe. bit of a shame that the windows were not plated over at the same time (as the EWS gold stripe covers half of the window cross piece with the top half being red, an effect that I suspect will be a pain to paint!) Speaking of the windows, given that it needs the raised frame type I am going to have a go at modifying my BG window blank etch to model the frame (I know you can get stick on ones from Southern Pride, but I didnt have a great deal of success with them when I tried and I think an etch will better suit my style.) The ends need the extra steps removing, air breaks fitting and the roof detail needs checking to see that it matches the prototype.


99538 is a much more simple job, the inertia modifications have already been made following the VSOE drawing so all that remains is roof detail (making sure the correct roof vents are present), underframe will need conversion to air breaks, end steps need to be removed and finally it needs to have the window frames adding (again I'm quite tempted to etch my own here). Followed by a respray into chocolate & cream and some lining that looks a real pain (though no where near as much of a pain as the Pullmans themselves!


Finally as previously mentioned 1566 will be built from a set of Comet sides & underframe castings on a Replica body/chassis. Should hopefully see Comet at Stafford (assuming I make it)...



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