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Sometimes it just doesnt go right...




Hello :)


I thought this was worth posting...


After flicking through my books to see if I could find out a bit more about the goods sheds on the railway I found out that the goods sheds were raised to platform level themselves and didnt sit on a platform (if that makes sense) so I tried to add the extra bit to the bottom of the shed without much luck. The only was to sort this is to strip things back to a bare shell and redo most of it.




The thing is its annoying, yes but these things happen and there is no point giving up but instead just getting stuck in and fixing it.


Missy :)


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Hey Missy - good post - I admire your perseverence.


Better to have realised it yourself now...then to have a 'Mr know it all' point it out at an exhibition...


Hang in there...

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