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Opening the Box

Gallows Close


Hi All,


Its great to see so many familiar names over here, and all of us busy creating blogs!


Some of you may know that I have recently moved house to The Netherlands, and as a result all model rail activities had to take a back seat. Before we left the UK Diggle Junction was looking OK with the elctrics and OLE all functioning, and some scenic work going on. That all stopped when the layout was split in to two halves and made in to a box for transit. Tomorrow I'm finally allowed to open the box. Work should then begin again at Diggle.


Amongst the other items of treasure in the garage will be my ongoing project to model the class 210 DEMU prototype, and that too is high on my list for early reactivation.


I hope to show some photos in due course as the lid comes off the layout, and hopefully I might get a train running tomorrow!


Thanks for looking in,



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