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Dean Goods pt4 - paint

The Fatadder



A break in the rain this evening allowed me to get the Dean Goods painted, Halfords etch primer at lunchtime  followed by a coat of their satin black.  This was followed by a first pass at weathering, adding a dirty black/brown mix to the frames and footplate and a start to dirtying up the boiler top.  It needs transfers (for which I’ve ran out of GWR transfers for the tender) before it can be mat varnished so I can get on with the weathering powders.  For the moment it looks a bit odd with dirty mat finish top and bottom and a very shiny boiler side in between




I have fitted a Lenz gold in the tender, to get it to fit I ended up hacking away a big chunk of the moulded insides of the tender (hidden by the coal load).  The load will eventually get covered with real coal once the weathering is done.


Ive ordered nameplates from Narrow Planet (but they may take a while to arrive), so the only other job remaining is sorting out the break linkage on the other side.

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