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#5: Mk2A FK NSE Repaint




For my current project I need a Paddington/Thames Valley commuter rake in late 80s condition so this week’s upgrade is the first of a few coaches to get a NSE rework. These services primarily consisted of Mk1 SKs (later replaced by Mk1 TSOs or strengthened by Mk2 TSOs), a Mk1 BSK or Mk2 BSK/BFK and a Mk2 FK. Fortunately, for NSE’s 30th Anniversary, Farish released TSO, BSK and FK Mk1 coaches, followed by a Train Pack which included Mk1 RMB, Mk2 TSO and Mk2 BSO all in the earlier, lighter blue variant of the livery. The Thames Valley set can therefore be achieved with minor tweaks to existing models, apart from the Mk2 FK which demanded a full repaint from a blue & grey example (donor 374-950).


After gently removing the raised white lining and the coach numbers with a cocktail stick, the coach was painted with Phoenix Precision Paints NSE Light Blue and NSE Grey before bodyside lining was applied from Fox Transfers. First Class and No Smoking window signs were then carefully added from the Railtec range, along with the yellow first class cantrail stripe and curtains made of orange tissue paper.


Next up: Mk1 NSE SKs. 




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Looks great. Always seems odd to me that Farish have included tables in the interiors of these coaches - I think in the real thing tables were removable and might have been used for dining. I never remember seeing one in place though.

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