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Matt Ditch 009 Kerr Stuart Sirdar (Tramway Version) build. W&LLR ex-Crastor Kipper Tramway No: 8. Kipper Wynd




A welcome return to my 009 blog and an enjoyable build of one of Matt's 3D printed loco bodies.


In this instance a Kerr Stuart Sirdar tramway version designed to run on the ever reliable Kato 109 chassis. 


Craster Kippers and more...


It's a nice 'Old School' 3D print build with no surprises and the print cleans up really nicely.


The kit also comes with a selection of thoughtful accessories as well and is nicely packaged in a protective box.


Unfortunately I managed to drop my print on my modelling room floor and remedial surgery was required.


Craster Kippers and more...


I rebuilt the buffer beams and running plate, skirts and steps with plasticard I had to hand. 


I used Peco track pins for the tank fillers, the sand box and the sliding rear doors.


Craster Kippers and more...


Safety valves are 10BA screws and the whistle is a combination of an handrail knob and brass wire. 


Craster Kippers and more...


Wire handrails were added to the cab doors.


The smoke box door hinge was rebuilt with Microstrip and wire. The door dart is courtesy of Alan Gibson.


Lamp irons are the standard Branson bent staple affairs. 


The couplers are from Narrow Planet. 


Having sprayed the loco with Halfords White Primer I then airbrushed Vallejo and Tamiya acrylics for the livery.


I painted some Tamiya masking tape with Games Workshop brass and cut a thin piece for a decorative boiler band behind the smokebox. 


A few coats of Johnson's Kleer lifted the paintwork nicely ready for the name and number plates once more courtesy of Narrow Planet. 


Locomotives on the Wadenhoe & Lilford Light Railway are usually painted black but in this instance having provenance from the Craster Kipper Tramway No: 8 retains its green livery and old name. 


Crew are the venerable Airfix/Dapol figures. 


A great kit to build from the Matt Ditch stable and lovely to do some modelling to lift it to another level. 


Craster Kippers and more...


The kit can be found here:




Just a happy customer by the way.. 


As for the name 'Kipper Wynd' there are many plausible explanations... 


No: 8 will be part of the Wadenhoe & Lilford Light Railway's spur to Stoke Doyle Halt appearing shortly. 


Craster Kippers and more...


I'll tweak the wonky nameplates and add a touch of light weathering before entering service. 


Thanks for looking. 















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Some very nice work there Mark including a detailed breakdown of the mods :good:Good recovery work from it hitting the deck too.


One wonders where the name Kipper Wynd emanated from :O:stinker:

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On 20/01/2022 at 19:35, bcnPete said:

One wonders where the name Kipper Wynd emanated from :O:stinker:


Those Craster Kippers do have a lovely aroma emanating from the Craster Kippery... ;)


A good northerly wind certainly adds to the effect...  :D

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