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Module 2 - Gwynraven Station & Village




Gwynraven platform sits in the cutting made by the railway as it bisects the village.  The road is carried over the railway on a scratch built girder bridge. The Footbridge to the platform is a Dapol kit( free on Facebook ads (I know right!), bashed about to suit the location. It is removable so I can access the signal mechanism that is yet to be installed. 


This weekend platform fitting and finishing off the girder bridge see the end of the work at this end of the layout.




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Platforms......always trickier than they look. I've scratch-built them before but this time, I went for Peco platform edges and fine sandpaper tops to represent cinder.  The faces are covered in Slaters plasticard.  The 3 buildings are all wriggly tin, assumed to have replaced the rotting old station building at this once manned station.





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