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A CR 323 class part 2 tank.

Dave John



Whilst waiting for the gearbox to arrive I thought I would have a go at the saddle tank.


I cut the templates on the silhouette and glues them to 10 thou brass. The notched ones are 3 layers soldered together, with a single layer for the front face.







The frame soldered up. Flat board with some stripwood and various clips to hold it all .






Wrapper annealed, cleaned and formed with various tubes and rods. The wee vice with the red bits of plastic from lidl worked a treat for holding it all tight for soldering.








Given a good scrub and handrail knobs soldered in.  I’m quite pleased with that, not as difficult as I thought it might be to get it all the right shape and size.








Gears and hornblocks have now arrived, so frames next.


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I do like a good saddle tank. So pleasing to the eye, especially when neatly constructed like this.


In fact you've got the makings of a still life painting in that last shot. Just add fruit :)

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As Mikkel said - a real work of art :)

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