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Formations for Brent: Plymouth - Paddington

The Fatadder



This is the current project, with most coaches still receiving attention.  Once complete it will rotate into the fiddleyard taking the place of the Centenaries.  This rake has originated out of the desire to model a slip coach.  It will comprise the aformentioned Comet slip coach, Hornby models of the D95 and E127 (both with some branding changes and the roofs repainted), the Comet E155 that is eventually intended for the Riviera set, a Slaters toplight C28, a rebuilt Hornby H33 dining car and a concertina D43 brake third.  Eventually there will be a few more changes, the E155 will eventually move to the Riviera set where it was originally intended to go.  Once the C77 replacements are complete, it will leave a couple of spare bodies which will give their roofs and underframes (once shortened) to be combined with a set of Comet sides / ends. This will give either an E155 or E158 to go in this formation allowing the correctly numbered E155 to go back to the Riviera.  There is still a fair bit of painting to be completed, as well as the finishing of interiors, gangways and couplings.



70ft Brake Third - Concertina D43


Composite - E127 Hornby


Dining Car - H33 Hornby / Comet


Composite - E155 Comet


Third - C28 Toplight Slaters


Brake Third - D95 Hornby


Slip F24 - Comet 


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