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Another day off...




Another week of long days, and I had another day off to play on the layout. Started this morning by fitting the point motors to the right board, then added the point controllers, and started the wiring. I'm getting better at wiring the controllers in, and managed to get the board wires done before lunch. Then put the layout back together, the right way up, and started checking for continuity between the boards. Managed to get myself completely confused with regard to what should be connected to what (particularly with unpowered controllers providing frog non-switching), so decided to leave it till power arrives.



After lunch carried on with wiring, this time on the two sector plates. The branch one was done fairly quickly (only 6 wires after all), and then I started on the main plate. This was trickier as there are more wires, and they are running further along the top of the board. Ended up using bent over track pins to hold them in place - then realised that I'd shoved them in too far and they would be catching on the sector plate supports.



Finished the day by marking out and masking off most of the control panel. A quick go with a paintbrush later, and the panel is starting to look like it could be used...




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