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Storage solutions.




Weary of the clutter on my un-built viaduct passenger station behind the Goods Yard, I decided to do something about it.  From this:




... to this :




Thanks to some box-files ...




... with bodged dividers made from corrugated cardboard, some divisions lined with bubble-wrap:






Had I the talent, they would be bespoke boxes of wood with dove-tailed joints, etc.  But I do not, so this will have to do.  The disadvantage of having full-depth dividers (making it less easy to retrieve items) is out-weighed, in my opinion, by having the contents remaining within if one upsets the box.


I am making another for the motor vehicles.  Hope this is of interest to others.

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That's a neat solution, thanks for sharing it. No need to go for the readymade plastic option for larger items like this. Will see if I can work out something similar. 

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Thanks, @Mikkel  Cheaper and quicker than the fancy items to buy, I am hoping to start the passenger viaduct this Easter weekend, so wanted to start 'clearing the decks'.  What is it about railway modelling that 'manufactures' such clutter?!  🙂  Hope it encourages others.  Be warned; the interiors of box files are rarely ninety degrees, so it is worth taking time, if available, to cut the edges of the partitions at an angle to fit.

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Posted (edited)

22 hours ago, C126 said:

  What is it about railway modelling that 'manufactures' such clutter?! 


And so quickly too, one minute the desk is clean the next it is a mess! I think it's because modelling requires much concentration and focus, so you just put things down on the workdesk and continue without putting things back in place.


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Empty Accurascale boxes are a good source of sturdy, well constructed storage boxes too.



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