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1 year on.




Success! I have a train running in a circuit around the room. 


Bit of tweaking to do, following an hours operation, one of the rails on baseboard 13 isn't seated correctly in the sleeper, so will have to get that sorted to prevent potential derailments and i somehow wired the bus up wrong when i brought the wires in from behind baseboard 1. Easy fix (hopefully) to do in next session.


These photos are taken on the 18th May 2021 and today so you can see how much progress i have made in a year. Bearing in mind i work plus have other commitments.








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Looks like good progress. I like the before/after comparison shots. Modelling takes time and one of the challenges is to keep the momentum going on a project and stick with it. For this we need little everyday strategies to keep ourselves going. Photos like these are one of them.

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Found the wiring fault. I had to just swap two contacts over on a terminal block under the scenic board on the left. (this is power for access walkway bridge). Since what is currently running is intended to remain as DC I am not putting in lots of wiring drop downs but I have bus there nearby in case a fault develops over time. 


The next project is to get a bit more track down and start working on the back two corner scenic modules. All of this I can do while having something running 😀

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