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Bricklayers Arms c.1845 - a recap.




All this replacement of lost images on previous blogs has made me think about gathering some favourite images from my layout project and dumping them in one blog entry, so here it is. A hotch-potch of photos from around the first baseboard which is almost complete.


The layout is 4mm scale and track work EM gauge. I initially set it in 1844 when Bricklayers Arms was completed and opened to the public. However, it has now turned into 1845 as this allows for a little weathering and I don't have to leave everything looking too new.


Apologies to those who have seen it all before but I thought a summary was due before moving on to the next baseboard which will be the massive goods shed and lots of wagon turntables, (I'm not sure I'm looking forward to that bit)!


Thanks for looking.




The backs of the houses at Greyhound Place




The stables at the back of the cattle yard.




The Rat catcher.




The Tannery.




A dispute over the chaff-cutting.




Preparing to lime wash a new cattle wagon.




Delivery of a prize bull.




Mr Rolls is late for work.



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They are worth the re-post. I love your buildings, scenic work and sense of colour. Great work.

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Thanks for reposting - what a great reminder of your superb work. As @goldngreen says, the sense of colour is especially impressive. Having worked for a time in Deptford, all that yellow London brick is very familiar.


I love too the little cameo scenes, building up a picture of life at the time - a delight!



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41 minutes ago, Allegheny1600 said:

I’m blown away - this is stunning work.

 I love it!

That’s kind of you, thank you.

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Hi, lovely work it would be nice to see it one day. The Last photo with the cab is very clever. (They are all superb) 

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