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Relays and Servos




For the last few weeks I have spent time working on installing more servo motors, laying more track, extending the top deck of the baseboard in the corner (a mis measurement when cutting it meant I couldn't fit the inner radius in) and starting to install the sections using relay switches.


With the servos I am experimenting with a different type of mount, I found a type on Ebay which is just a L shape metal piece of angle with some holes and these are proving to be far better than the MERG ones. I have found that I have to bend the linkage wire to fine tune the movement of the point but I now have four servos up and running on a loop between tracks 1 and 2. These servos are running off 2 push button switches off the CANPAN TM7 board. 


Now I am starting to make things move I have a CBUS events spreadsheet to keep track of all the different events that are generated.


Last year I worked on figuring out how to get a relay working. I use those opto types which have several pins and at the time I was a little confused which pin went to what. I tested one out again and linked it up to some track and having got that working bought a few more.


The plan is to have three isolating sections on tracks 1 and 2, with further isolated sections in the shed area on the heritage line. 


2 of the dual relays are now installed under baseboard 1 which was the point where bus splits into two different directions. Unfortunately I have only one output module at the moment (a CANACC8) and since this is located centrally under board 1 the wire run down to the relays was rather long. But at least it was only 5 wires altogether in 1 bundle! (4 event wires and 1 power wire). I installed two of my new terminal blocks here as well. One issue I did have was getting access to the ACC8 so I solved that by spinning it round 180 degrees! Left the experiment board attached to it so I can see that the events are working. 


I've got everything working on the test panel and its great, I have only the one line working but I have the ability and space to run 2 trains on it but can now stop a train while letting the other one catch up to it.







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