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Building the A180 Flyover

Paul G



I wanted the deck to be removeable which meant the legs needed to be strong enough with out being integral. I originaly started cutting some out of wood but in the end I had some lazer cut by York model rail. They were of course able to get nice sharp precise angles and edges and the lines of the concrete molding so well. As these would be right by the track they'd be very seen. Only 4mm sheets of ply that I chose for the durability could be done by the cutter so each leg was built up in layers cut successively larger toward the center. The cutter also can't cut at an angle from the vertical so the layers were steps with a line etched on the outer faces showing were to file and sand to to produce the angle on the edges. A skim of filler helped finish the edges off then before painting them I just used a rattle can with the most suitable looking colour I could get.

Finally after the deck had been cut to size and offered up, and I was happy with the possition the legs were fixed in place with wood glue.




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Is this your personal layout or shall we be seeing it pop up at any shows.


As posted on the Immingham area group a really well present layout. 

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