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Update 8/6/22 - Hong Kong Style buildings, road network + more




Hi everyone! Its been a while since I have really posted anything on youtube or RMweb so today I just wanted to share with you all the progress of my layout. If you're not familiar with my railway please have a look at the previous introduction post about the area I am modeling. Since the last post, a lot has changed on the layout, I was able to finish all the wiring and pointwork and now trains can run smoothly around the layout. Since then, I have mainly been working on the scenery of my layout which if you haven't noticed on my youtube channel is very incomplete. I have been taking small steps with scratch-building and I honestly think it has been going pretty well. With the recent addition of a resin DLP printer I have been able to create Hong Kong style buildings with absolutely fantastic details. I have included the photos below. Other than buildings, I have also started to build up the road network on my layout. My roads vary from small flyovers, bridges and alleyways that cross buildings. IMG_8083_HEIC.jpg.4e652d5cc01be23c357744dcb1f0caa3.jpgIMG_8096_HEIC.jpg.685a62cc54d2d82a8b7c7edcdb7290b5.jpg

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