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Judith Edge Steelman Royale body handrails and roof.



There are 5 handrails attached to the body, 2 at the front, 2 at the back and 1 on the bonnet top. All very straightforward. I differed from the instructions by adding them after the radiater front and fuel tank rear were soldered in place, the instructions reccomend fitting the handrails first. I did get to use my Bil Bedford handrail bending jig for the first time.

The cab roof was formed by rolling it on my thigh with the handle of my 3 sided scraper. Iain Rice describes this method in his 'Etched Loco Construction' book so its not my bodge... As the bend was being formed the flat sides were being nicely bent along the fold line so it only took a little work in the Hold & Fold to finish the profile off. The rainstrips are half etched along the sides and proved to be a little more tricky. I scribed a light fold line then held the very edge in a Bug and carefully bent the edge up.


I didn't try to bend the edge all the way up just enough to give the right impression.


Turned out quite well I think.


Notice that the exhaust has been added in the above photo, this has 45 degree corners. I didn't make a great job of this and had to do a bit of fettling to make it fit. Probably the result of trying to do too much in one session...


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Hello Halfwit :)


Thats comming along really well. The engine looks very neat and tidy. I am looking forward to seeing this finished as I love little shunters. It looks like one of those is going to be added to my shopping list soon.


Missy :)

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Hi Missy,

Thanks for the comments, I have to say that I'm really pleased with it so far. There have been some fiddly bits but I reckon that just makes you a better modeller (in theory).

You might be interested to know that I've bought a Canon A480, which I'm really pleased with although I havn't downloaded any photos from it onto here yet.


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You might be interested to know that I've bought a Canon A480, which I'm really pleased with although I havn't downloaded any photos from it onto here yet.



Hello Paul :)


Im glad to hear that. Welcome to the digital age :P


Missy :)

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That looks great. I have had my eye on doing a Sentinal from Judith Edge as it can sit on a black beetle bogie so at least I wouldn't have to worry about getting ti to run right but I don't know if I would have the patience to create a loco half as good as yours is coming along!


Keep up the good work as it will be great to see this one finished.



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Thanks Mark.

As far as patience goes I think the key is to do a little bit every day and know when to put it down, I know from the past that if I try to do too much in one session something goes awry. Constantly checking the instructions, drawing and any photos you have helps as well.

I also like Sentinals. I've got a Nonneminstre whitemetal one on a spud knocking about waiting for a respray - it'll feature on here when its done - and a Knightwing 0-6-0 one with a Roxey chassis waiting to be built but I could be tempted by a JE one as well...



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