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I hate wasps

Andy Y



As part of the drive to get something useful done whilst the site's off in the evenings some layabouts in the to-do drawer have resurfaced. Keyhaven's always needed an 07 to help give it some geographical recognition and a lemon of a runner (and build) Craftsman 07 has lain dormant next to a Silver Fox resin body. The Silver Fox body needs a Bachmann 04 split chassis and having fried one chip with a chassis short when DCCing it too sat in the 'one day' pile. The detail on the Craftsman brass body is immeasurably superior and so it seemed a Dr. Frankenstein approach to modelling would give me a decent looker on a decent running chassis. First of all the Bachy chassis was sorted and chipped, the Silver Fox bonnet and boot were removed (yeah I did split the chassis at one pint cutting too quick but superglue has sorted that) as were the Craftsman panels. They just about fit together in the right places and in fact there's fractionally more clearance around the Bachy chassis block now.


For a little loco it ran up quite a list of products required to finish it (unique lining and roundels to name a couple) with me aiming for the Fox ready to splat warning stripes. Yet another local shop seems to be running down the quantity of useful bits and bobs held in stock which meant I'd have to wait a few days and order some off t'internet. In the meantime I thought I'd have a go at the DIY-head-in option and save a few quid into the bargain.


I've always found Tamiya masking tape to be the best for my use but this was going to put it to the test over the uneven surface and sloping edges.




Cutting the masking tape down into 2.5mm strips for the front and 3.5mm strips for the top and sides the fiddly bit came in applying the sections of those strips onto the smaller than average shunter's backsides into something that looked reasonable. These were applied over Railmatch Acrylic Warning Yellow and didn't lift any of the paint when removed, Tamiya Acrylic X-1 black was sprayed over the whole nose and left to dry. Despite my best efforts to carefully lift the tape I did nick the yellow in a couple of places which will need a brush touch-up.






Pulling those strips of masking tape off and seeing the finish was so much more satisfying than if I'd found the transfers I was looking for in that shop drawer. I'm so glad it wasn't a horror story.








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Looks good. I might try this method myself, might save an evening of foul language trying to get transfers to sit properly on bufferbeams (it took at least 3 attempts to get waspy transfes to lay flat on one end of my Coles Crane).

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If it is of any consolation, wasp stripes............ I hate 'em to peices! Masking over radiators and other detail has never been a fun job and it aint got any easier. I brush Mascol into awkward bits of the masking tape where it will not press down over fine detail (coach door handles for instance).


When I saw your heading, I thought you'de found a large wasp in the living room, as I did this morning!cool.gif


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...When I saw your heading, I thought you'de found a large wasp in the living room, as I did this morning!cool.gif

Me, too, on both counts, although mine was in the bathroom :blink:




ps. you've certainly made a nice job of those stripes :)

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Looks like nice neat work Andy. I've done a few of these stripy finishes now and have always used a variation on this approach, as each manufacturer of industrial locos had their own way of doing it, and being particular, I like to at least try to get it right!


The variation is to get the registration correct - I use more strips of the correct width to register the neighbouring stripes and then, once happy, remove it. Trying to do it by eye is a pig of a job...



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Hi Andy, great to see you being able to finally spend some time doing nice things like modeling rather than the constant fighting with software and sever hosts.


Although doing wasp stripes might have be just as much hard work ;) looks good though.



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