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Broken my lights!




I've had my decoder tested, and it works fine, but I can't get the white light to light on my dummy power car. I can't work out how my meter works either, so I can't check the light with that. I've got the control desk out and I've tried touching it on the contacts on the chassis by hand with the power on and I can get the red lights but not the white ones. Could I have broken it already? And if so, why only the white one? At the weekend I'll try everything I can think of, then pester my father in law and if all else fails, I'll only ever run it with that one at the back. The problem there is that I prefer having the dummy leading as it closes the gaps between the coaches.


All this will be academic when I lay my "proper" layout with the gentle curves where I can have close couplings on everything that needs it. That will be nice. Just got to plan my system now.



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