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Where did January go?




...or put another way, is it really 2 weeks since I posted anything? I should start with a big thumbs up for the Weston show back on 17 Jan. Just under 1000 through the door for a one dayer and over ??1500 raised for Weston Hospicecare. A very well attended and staged show. Well done Keith if you're on here.


Not much is happening at the moment. Stock has been cleaned and checked ready for the trek up to Rochdale this weekend. Must remember to pack thermals and phrasebook. It'll give Geof and I something to practice when we get stuck on the M6. Really looking forward to Rochdale. Always a good laugh with a good bunch of people and judging by the details, some good layouts to watch when we're not operating. Hopefully this time I will get to see the Pennines. It's always been a bit foggy on previous occasions...


Modelling activity has been limited to pondering future plans; Cheddar, Clevedon, Cheddar, Clevedon and trying to get the b*****d R&H chassis to run sweetly. It's not playing ball and I suspect I'm going to have a strip it down. I thought the Impetus hornblocks were a bit dodgy and as time goes on I'm beginning to suspect they're too sloppy. Replacement with a High Level one may be required. Why is it I can get a 2-8-0 to run no bother but an 0-4-0 is being so awkward? The law of Sod I suspect.


Also at an early stage for my son's first layout which involves a certain blue engine. I went and bought some points from the very nice folks at Bridgwater Models on err Bridgwater Station. Insulfrog points... that took me back (obviously not far enough 'cos I forgot to but any insulating fishplates)! It'll be a bit quicker than handbuilding points that's for sure.


Thanks to those who've said kind things about the Modeller article for Wheal Elizabeth. Do come along a say hello or ey' up or whatever passes for a greeting in those parts this weekend. I reserve the right to look bemused though :D



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