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Minor Change of Plan



Sorry for the delay in progress on this project. Other things keep getting in the way!


Just a minor update for now. After a great deal of thought, I have made a very slight change to the track plan, so subtle I have to point it out.  cardiff__neg2000_neg2000__212407_29808__2024_07_03_2254_07.png.5c46ae60604d8558df2170439c5ea7c1.png

I have changed the track spacing under the station roof to allow a central line of pillars. Previously I was going to have 2 lines of pillars, but the division of thirds looked a little odd. I can now make the end of the train shed look just a little like this image I found when casually browsing the Internet...




...but not quite the same. 'Inspired by' will probably be the best way of putting it. The photo is a mirror image of the old  Great Western of Canada terminus in Toronto. The change means I can't have a run round loop, but that's fine, no problem. The Canadian railway stock in the photo won't be on my model either, nice though it looks.


As for progress on the station buildings, I got a little worried that the plastic warped slightly as the solvent set. Fortunately, it's only the building right under the overall roof that is a problem and it hasn't got an worse in the last 3 months. I am pretty sure it can be rectified enough that no one will notice once I put the roof on. Much further progress can't really be done on the buildings until I have the baseboards and platforms built, so I can be sure everything fits together nicely.


I really need to get baseboards started now, so I can lay some track. More on that in a few weeks, hopefully.

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