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Normal Service Resumed.




After that brief stall on the location of the layout. The decision has been made to stay in North West Scotland. The arrival of another Tractor to the locomotive stable, in the form of 37/0 with Split Headcode, thanks to Oldfield Park.


So a list of the Jobs to do:


1. Re-model the fiddle yard, with a curved point to allow a 3 coach train with locomotive to fit in the fiddle yard.

2. Complete the Ballasting and Track weathering.

3. Paint a Backscene, and time to add some relief to the layout.

4. More Trees to plant.

5. Stock Weathering to take place.

6. Sort out Uncoupler magnet positions.


This may take some time, but bear with me, as I will update as and when jobs get completed.


The two things, I'm unsure about at the moment are:


1. A Class 27, is it far too north for this loco?

2. The Road Over Bridge I have is that too urban for use in the Scottish Highland?


As usual, any comments, critism, etc all welcome.



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