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Hopefully it will begin....

Leicester Thumper



well since December and the Xmas season the last few weeks (6 or 7) have been a right mess (seeing as i'm a student).


two weeks back from the xmas holidays and exam season started preventing me from modelling, this led to a back log which still has yet to be finished.


anyway, moving more to positive aspects, i applied for History and Politics at De Montfort University, had an intervoew and got an offer two days after :) which i have been very quick to accept :D.


zoom to today, and hopefully i shall commence on my project, starting with the drawings.


I hope to build an 'N gauge' (or 2mm as the measurements will be) version of the Triang Horsebox. This Horsebox was the horsebox model used as a converter wagon at the time of the range transfer from Hornby to Triang (will get a pic at some point, but not found one yet :rolleyes:). i hope to recreate this by building it in plasticard and utilising a peco wagon chassis kit, when i find one...


Progress is slow, but thought i would say something just to let you guys out there know that i hadn't abandoned the blog :)


hopefully drawings and pictures will follow.


Best reagards,




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