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GNER's Badger - Part 1



Well, here's is a sneak peak at another of my current projects. In an effort to maximise the crossover of stock between my two layouts, I decided that once EWS lost the mail by rail contract, Scotswood Bridge depot would have passed to the hands of GNER for small-scale maintenance jobs. This provided a wonderful excuse to try and build a loco I've always had a soft spot for: 89001. I'm working from the 1998 article in Railway Modeller which is based on heavy kitbashing of Hornby HST bodies and a class 58 chassis. I believe DC Kits once did a resin bodyshell, but I think it was a limited run and would probably be quite pricey now, even if I could find one. So - a trip down to Rolling Stock at North Shields turned up two HST bodies for £2. I figured I'd give it a go the RM way first. This project is a lot more complex than anything I've tackled before, so it's going to have a bit of a learning curve to it. I'm pleased with the results so far however.


So, here goes.



The initial cut and shut:



Ready for it's nose job:



The bare bones. The new section has since been refined, gaps filled, and a plasticard panel fixed on to cover the large gap in the front:



EDIT: now that blog uploads are fixed, the pics should be a more sensible size


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Guest Oversetts Models


im impressed mate,your right about the dc kits one aswell.there eas one on ebay last week for 200gbp.what chassis will you use? regards,bob

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The article suggests a Hornby 58, though looking at the dimensions it'll take a bit of work to make it fit. Again - Rolling Stock at North Shields. Told the owner I just wanted the chassis and bogies, he let me have the lot for a tenner - body included (now up in the classifieds section).

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You could also look at a Hornby Cl 92 for your chassis. I'm muddling along building a dual-powered version based on two of these, with the trailing bogie replaced by a second powered one.


Anybody looking for a dummy (unpowered) EWS Class 92?? :-)





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