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Critter - update [some weathering pics added]





Been working hard on my Critter the last few days and I'm pleased to say that assembly is now complete!


A lot of trial and error was involved in getting the chassis to fit and it is currently a push fit and until I think of something better, it'll stay like this!


The model should have sprung buffers but I lost my patience with the tiny springs so they are now glued into place!


The only addition to the model since these photos were taken is lamp brakets and a chimney.


The model was painted in my fictional 'green with a yellow' stripe livery for no other reason than I liked it!
















Some work in progress weathering photos:










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It's not a bad runner Jam - it's never going to pull more than a few empty wagons but that's all I want it for to be honest. Weathering is now underway - I'll try and post a pic later

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  • RMweb Gold

Perhaps a bit of added lead weight might give it a bit more power/traction for one or two more wagons. I wouldn't expect it to pull a great deal due to its size.


You've inspired me to get a move on with mine. I'm yet to decide which colour though - maybe a green or perhaps grey. Ideally I'd love to come up with my own livery for them so I can continue the theme throughout the layout. I wish I knew how to weather - my loco shed roof and all the other buildings need weathering.


I'll look forward to the results of the weathering.

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  • RMweb Gold

Wow :blink:

That is outstanding, can you do mine please? :lol: The weathering is top notch, how long does it take you?


By the way, does your cab have one of the doors the wrong end of the cab? I know mine does! I think I might rebuild it to get all the panels fitted better as well.

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