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Saltney, Walls,signals, and other bits.

Jon Fitness


In our banker siding, Steve has provided a little coaling facility to feed the bunkers and tenders of the busy bank engines.


Another ex Talacre signal has been re-furbed and positioned at the LM jc; this is now the home signal coming off the incline from the GW station.


More retaining wall has had its lumpy stone added ready for painting and the yard at the LM station now has a cobbled area. Steve has left a space that might as well have a big arrow with flashing lights that says "The goods shed goes here.....Jon...when you're ready....in your own time..."


An old signal from Talacre (Which I was never really happy with) has been re-built with some new dolls, extended, turned round and generally bashed into shape to suit it's new role as the LM jc main diverging signal. It will now be a gantry (of sorts) and have 4 working arms which hopefully will be worked by servos. This will of course be subject to me being able to successfully assemble the required control kit from MERG! More of this signal is shown further down


Mike Evans brought his Bachmann 03 for a run out and very nice it looks too. (well I thought so..)

blogentry-7179-126809931411.jpg. Yes I know its a diseasle Steve but at least it has a chimney and coupling rods.............


The gantry was then tried in position and (thankfully) fitted and there is a nice clear area under the baseboards to fit the working "gubbins". As the use of servos is new technology to me, when I eventually start on the mechanics and electrical side of this I'll start a thread rather than a blog so you can all watch and probably laugh as I struggle. Meanwhile, a number of trains were run underneath it to check for clearance on the curves. Among them, Les's visiting standard 4 2-6-0 looked grand as it trundled a fitted freight round.




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Guest Digital


Superb stuff Jon.

The Gantry looks fantastic.

Look forward to more updates.


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Looks nice. Where is the backscene a picture of?



I think it's somewhere between Dolgelly and Barmouth, before it reaches the Mawddach estuary, but don't quote me on that. It was from a pile of photo backscene "seconds" found by one of Steve's mates on a stall at a Dolls House swapmeet!

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Superb stuff Jon.

The Gantry looks fantastic.



Cheers John,

Not looking forward to linking it up though. Big job. :O


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