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X marks the spot




A new arrival today. I'll post a full review in the next couple of days once i've had chance to run it in but in summary, despite tooling which is showing it's age next to the latest releases, its a lovely reproduction of the Cross Country scheme.








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Hi Justin


I can't help but think it would look better with the orange printed on the reverse of the window to make it appear as though the display is behind the glass as per prototype. Of course this would mean removing the orange printed on the outside and I'm not sure how easy that would be!


The overlay sounds like a good idea though!






Looks very good, the silver finish looks just about spot on. Its a shame it seems to be impossible to replicate this kind of livery DIY though!


It always kind of annoys me that Farish always produce the 170s with a plain orange panel for the destination indicator when they do a destination for e.g. the 150s now. I have been thinking that it would be quite easy to print a reverse of the text in black on clear decal paper to overlay it?


Although I think I've seen turbostars default to an "all on" orange display when the CIS gives up the ghost?

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