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Bruckless Junction update




I am afraid I have been a bit remiss in keeping my blog up to date. Since making the first entry, I have now finished the bridge, retaining structures, walls and platforms at the station end of the layout together with the overbridge at the opposite end. All bar painting that is, not something I am looking forward to! Since these photos were taken, the ground level in the diesel depot has been raised to the top of the sleepers. The narrow strips of cork visible in the photo are guides that also enabled me to do the filling without the structures in place. These abutments can be tidied up later. Next week I start ballasting the yard with a mix of ash (wood/turf from the fire), coal dust and Woodland scenics fine ballast. While this has been going on I have also been busy with the ongoing task of fitting decoders and kadee couplings, not to mention designing Phase 2 which will be a set of sidings to store rolling stock and locos not being used in an operating schedule - we will probably be running up to four different periods! This will involve getting the builder back to knock a hole in another wall! We are also trying to rationalise the stock which will probably mean selling off those items of which we have too many to fund the purchase of those items we are short of. I have even splashed out on a few locos myself to fill the gaps in the late steam era. Long term these will be converted to P4 to run on my own Worseter layout and Barrow Road if Robin gives me running rights!



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Now there's some proper civil/structural engineering going on in miniature. :icon_thumbsup2: :icon_thumbsup2:

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Very impressive....you have been busy. I like what you have done to disguise the 'hole in the wall'.


Running rights are of course granted for your locos on Barrow Road.



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