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Something briefly different, 16mm/ft scale outside in the sun!

Will J



While progress continues indoors on various laser cut bits (update coming soon, promise!) I have fallen prey to a bout of impulse buying.


The result: two little battery powered locomotives which I couldnt help but buy. Today (Sunday) saw the first glimpse of spring in the garden, and in between shed reorganising and vital horticultural bits and pieces, the 'fleet' were introduced to the garden.


So far, my foray into the great outdoors (as an occasional distraction from fiddly 2mm model making!) consists of:


1 Mamod 'train set' with a loco, trucks and bags full of flammable stuff, to make it go.. fast :blink:


1 pack of proper streamline SM32 flexible track.


2 battery powered critters (pictured).. any ideas as to their origins, I have no idea!










As for ideas, need to work on a few, and do some Brunellian surveying around the garden!



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The bat loco on the left ('Ted') is based on a Keef K series diesel loco. Not sure about the one on the right although it looks fairly German. As for the origins, what are they made from? Saltford Models (long disapeared) used to make 16mm kits which comprised of a few w/m or resin castings, motor, gears, switch, wheels (usually white metal) and battery box and a drawing so you could make up the body (and sometimes the chassis) from plasticard. I know they did a Keef loco along with the usuall Ruston and Simplex designs.

Incidentaly I have an etched brass Saltford Keef loco in 009, one of only 20 made, waiting to be built.

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They are made from what feels like pretty standard injection moulded plastic, certainly more like a mass produced item than something semi-scratchbuilt.. unless it has been semi scratchbuilt very neatly!!


I work with the people at Alan Keef a fair bit in my day job, so that might be a useful line of enquiry..



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