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how I take pictures




Hello :)


In one of my previous blogs Alex asked how I take my photos so as promised here is how. Now before I start I want to point out that I am far from a photography expert or anything and this is how I do it. It probably is wrong in some way but it works for me!




This is how I set everything up. The two lamps are 60w daylight bulbs, the embankment is a bit of left over foam sheet with a bit of track stuck to it and covered in some very well trimmed fake fur, the backscene is an A3 sheet of paper with a countryside picture printed on it. The camera is a Canon Digital Rebel 300D.




This is what the picture taken looks like untouched. To take the picture I set the camera to apeture priority and set it to the slowest speed possible to get the depth of field. They are always taken with the camera on a tripod and using the self timer or remote control. I also always use manual focus too.




Thats what it looks like after its cropped to remove the cutting mat.


And there you go. Like I said its not perfect and no doubt can be improved quite a bit but it looks a bit better than something just sitting on my table.


Missy :)



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  • RMweb Gold

Missy, thank you for taking the time to explain your setup. You actually make it look quite achievable! I'm hoping to get a Digital SLR soon so hopefully I'll soon be experimenting. Alex

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  • RMweb Gold

Nice post Missy.


Its amazing what results can be achieved with a simple set up.


The cropping is important too...nothing worse than seeing a beautifully detailed model...with a half drunk can of coke in the background :lol:


Anymore shots like this? ;)



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  • RMweb Gold

How can your methods be wrong in some way when the results are so good. Always inspiring.


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Hi smile.gif


Thanks again for the comments. I dont have anymore shots like that right now though Pete, although its kind of how I take pictures of my engines and stuff so no doubt there will be more in time, unless of course Highclere gets finished!


If anyone has any suggestions on how I could improve on these then I am more than willing to hear them.


Missy smile.gif

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Can you explain why the embankment is placed as it is, with the green at the rear, so that white fur shows at the front?

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Can you explain why the embankment is placed as it is, with the green at the rear, so that white fur shows at the front?


Hello Alcazar :)


I know its hard to tell from the photos but all the fur is actually a pale straw colour, both on the front and back of the embankment. Its come out how it has because of the exposure.




Missy :(

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