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Further planning progress




John has been busy stitching together a 10th scale 'moquette' of the whole ensemble so that we can get a better overall picture in 3D and experiment with different configurations. Usually you would do this at quarter scale but the house isn't big enough tongue.gif blink.gif


Meanwhile we've also decided to go straight for the full scale version of the Ouse Viaduct rather than spend time on an interim version, so I've been deriving dimensions from photographs to go with our measurements of the bases of the piers and published general information, with a view to now producing some scale drawings and coming up with a couple of prototype piers. It is a beautiful and iconic structure, and deserves to be done well. We can deal with the cutting of the main arches and the pier apertures, but the balustrades at the top (which are like miniature versions of the main viaduct) will likely be farmed out to laser cutting people - it makes no sense to do by hand something that is replicated 74 times (there is a section of balustrade for each arch between the regularly-spaced refuges along the structure).



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Hi Rod

Only just caught up with the ambitious plan to link Balcombe with the rest of the known universe: looks brilliant, go for it!

The ###### boys were at Geoff Taylor's on Monday night: his railway has four scenic 'locations' and three fiddle yard locations: the sense of driving a train from one place to another (rather than just fiddle yard-scenic bit-fiddle yard) is very satisfying, something that your scheme would definitely provide.


Good luck with it!


Edit: rather amusingly, the ###### in the paragraph above is because I used the acronym for the Shropshire and Herefordshire Area Group!biggrin.gif

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Thanks Jim but nothing like! smile.gif Ours are semi-circular arches on piers with c/c distances of 140mm in 4mm scale, with the piers themselves up to 300mm high.


I'll put some photos up in the blog so you can see what we're letting ourselves in for.

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Ah, understood now - at the moment we are just thinking about the carcass but when we come to the brickwork details ...

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