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the DCC bug and turntables




I decided I wanted to try DCC, and having helped film the BRM DVD for the Select I knew what I was in for if I bought that. I got one and wired it up and having got over the initial problems I suffered (compatability issues with Bachmann decoders) it worked reasonably well though it sometimes crashes if you get it too confused!


One thing I had been wondering about was what to do around my loco spur. Its quite an expanse of board space to fill up and I couldn't decide what to do with it. Now I like gadgets and the Select DVD had given me an idea. In it Simon Kohler explains how to use DCC to make the Hornby turntable work......bingo! Problem solved, I would get a turntable. Now the obvious choice for me was the Peco On30 turntable kit, its basically the OO/HO one with a wider deck and enlarged planking detail. I could have used the Hornby one as its grossly overscale so more suited to On30 but as it looks horrendous I decided not to.


I got the kit together in one evening with Plastic Weld so that helped speed construction along a bit. The next day I was off work and got the table motorised and set into the board.






The drive is one of those cheap multistage gearboxes you can buy, it simply mounts onto some 2x1 I glued to the base of the table well. A Hornby decoder later and the turntable was working. It gave some minor trouble initially but it now spins a loco round no problems. Its a little juddery but this is from the drive and I can't really do much to stop it short of starting again. What made me laugh was the price of things. My turntable cost the same as a Hornby one without a decoder, and it looks better! Come on Hornby, you can do so much better than that!



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