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New Points at Tunnel Mouth

Tay Bridge





After much chopping, scratching and work with a chisel the old track was extracted from it's ballast at the tunnel mouth. A new longer point was put into mainline from tunnel mouth so that I can enjoy agood 20 or 47 thrash away from signal at entrance to tunnel. Now the loco can actually go a distance rather that the short hop to the shed. it would of course be much easier to plan this all before laying but why do it the easy way. In any case I needed to replace a broken point in coach sidings.

Still to be weathered but all working now!Cue the 47 035 with sound. It just takes me back to traffic sitting in the through loop at platform 4 in Dundee Tay Bridge. It was great to see 40s with oil tanks or 47s with Freightliner traffic to Aberdeen. A good thrash into the tunnel when green light given! Great memory.


Attached shows the new point in place. still to be weathered .cool.gif



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