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A productive 'good' Friday !




With Friday, Sunday & Monday free from work & a box full of scenic supplies in the model stores its time to crack on and cover some of the bare bits and those foam/concrete(!) blocks.





With the left bank complete I decided to make a little feature on the right bank. A landslip which occurred several years ago was fixed by an infill off large boulders which have since been overtaken by shrubbery. The retaining wall still needs a cover of stonework but the major task of glueing the stone pieces in place has been completed this afternoon.



A visit to the model shop yesterday turned up another little feature when I was rather drawn to Bachmann’s brick platelayers hut. I have steered away from ready to plonk buildings in the last few projects but I couldn’t resist this one and I have added some oil hand prints around the door and some excellent Ivy from International. Still a bit of weathering to do round the windows and roof but it serves the purpose it was bought for and will act as a shunter/traincrew cabin for the sidings.









Spotted the Dapol silver bullet ECC tanks yesterday ! 6 are on the shopping list but at £27.95 a piece I cant see the final train of Speedlink Distribution 37’s rumbling across the high level with 6 tankers happening until my birthday & possibly next Christmas have passed !!




Although the weather has put any major photo sessions on hold both yesterday & today I’m hopeful of getting out with the board on Sunday or ‘good old’ Bank Holiday Monday. Saying that though, I think the nighttime stuff out in the back garden that I have done during dry spells over the last couple of nights has proved more successful so far than the daylight stuff. The combination of a pitch black sky with no street lamp orange cast infront of the board and the house security light on behind me has given some dramatic results which I have been very happy with.






I will do a separate blog entry for the weathering of 47535 & 50045 however I have to say that I’m very impressed with the new Bachmann 47 especially with the sound added from Howes. The 47 was, by my standards, lightly weathered however I have to admit the OTT look on the 50 was by accident. Strong thinner and too much rubbing led to the paint starting to disappear on the red,white & blue stripes of the NSE livery however a quick save with kitchen roll & lots of blowing rectified the situation and by default left quite an authentic finish of ‘shagged paintwork’ !!








Next up, a rake of mainline blue seacow’s !


Might need a pair of Mainline branded 33’s to pull them !!??!!


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Jon the 47 looks lovely - very well restrained and actually works well as a result. The faded NSE 50 is also nice too - sometimes the best results are an accident!


The plank is coming along at your usual incredible speed! :)

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